I grew up in Arizona as a twin and, technically, am the youngest member of the family, with three brothers, two awesome step-brothers (both of whom have passed), a mom (the strongest woman on the planet), and a great stepfather, who I consider my dad. My other family consists of three sisters and one brother, all of whom I’d like to get to know better.

Me and My Beautiful Girls in NYC

I am the mother of two grown daughters who are, seriously, the most amazing and funniest people I’ve ever known. I have unofficially adopted 35 kids, most of whom are friends of my daughters. At some point they all needed a cool mom who would tell them when they’re awesome, kick their ass when they’re being stupid, set some realistic boundaries and, most of all, let them be themselves.

I started my career in graphic design and found I had a great talent for it. After divorcing my husband of 11 years, I went back to school and studied marketing and communications. Since then, I’ve become an entrepreneur, business owner, unpaid therapist to all my friends, and now an author.

My next journey, with my oldest daughter by my side, is starting a non-profit organization that will help people affected by childhood sexual abuse, addiction, and trauma. There is a severe lack of resources available in most states and we decided to do something about it.


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