Book Reviews

This has been an extremely hard book for me to review and to read. The pain that comes from any addiction is harsh and even reading about it can have an affect on the reader. This book is an eye-opening experience with abuse, addition, recovery and the lengths some have to go to just to survive. It is so much more too; it is a story of strength and personal definition.

The setbacks, triumphs and the pain that any addict feels and experiences are in some way all the same. Yet, each recovery and success story is as individual as each person that suffers through the disease of addiction. No matter what you think you know about the topic of sex addiction, this book will show you a story through the pained eyes of a survivor.

This book is not a sexy cheap porn novel. It is a hard hitting and blunt look at sex addiction and the road to recovery and survival. This book is a learning experience and although you may not come always feeling good and joyful, you may come away with a new perspective on addicts and their existence in an unrelenting world. This book is not for the faint of heart it is explicit and raw.

Mary Daugherty, Jun 6, 2011


This book is a true testament that we can overcome anything we encounter in life. I was blown away by some of the things I read and became angry at the same time. It is truly a story of struggle, but more of victory in the midst of the storm. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has been through any form of abuse!!! “God is good, all the time.”

Clifford Wilbert, Apr 6, 2011

This is not just a story of survival, but of victory! Ms. Boykin’s honesty will make you uneasy at times, but keep reading! You will not regret it!

Carla Landis Evans, Apr 1, 2011

I could not put this book down. It’s an emotional roller coaster. Kelly is an amazing woman, this is an amazing story.

Rachel Mazer, Mar 31, 2011

I am still in my bathrobe, because I started reading this book and could not stop! It is an astonishingly honest and compelling story, and although Ms. Boykin combines narrative and past journal entries, the flow is cohesive and gripping. Heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time, this is a book worth far more than $1.99!

R.R. Schild, Mar 30, 2011

I don’t buy a lot of e-books because I don’t have as much time as I wish I did to read. But I did get this one and I can confidently recommend it. It is very well-written and extremely compelling, and anyone who has dealt with issues of addiction and sex abuse will find it extremely empowering. Kelly doesn’t gloss over things, but tells it exactly like it is. You’ll be amazed that anyone could come through what she has and become the person she is today. I highly recommend this book.

Mary Kitt-Neel, Mar 28, 2011